Post Covid-19 Procedures

At Hotel Kennedy Nova, we care for the safety of our guests and our team members, and are following all the necessary procedures to ensure a safe environment.

We have invested in time to ensure that our team members are trained in the proper understanding and procedures that need to be adopted in the present circumstances.  We have also thoroughly inspected our property and have highlighted proper systems and cleaning procedures that have been implemented. 

The Hotel also has a proper distribution of signage and products for sanitization and disinfection, which are also there to serve as a reminder for the usage of the said.

Particular attention has been given to high contact areas for a regular sanitization.

We have thereafter highlighted a general overview of the implemented procedures.

General Hotel and Public Areas

All members of the team have been given specific training and instructions of how to respect social distancing, wash their hands regularly and how to wear and disinfect their protective personal equipment.

Team members have also been advised on guidelines insofar as sickness, and handling situations with guests or patrons who are unwell. Temperature readings will be taken before entering our premises, and guests may be refused entry.

Guidelines and signage have been made available to all Heads of Departments, who have also been trained on ensuring that their team members are respecting such protocols.

The Hotel has been equipped with sanitizers for guest usage and the property is being disinfected as per local guidelines with special attention given to high risk contact areas. 

Signage has also been displayed around the Hotel to encourage usage of the said as well as displaying distancing measures which are currently in place.

Our protocols have also been shared with our stakeholders ensuring that all persons entering our property respect such guidelines.

Only individuals who are guests of the Hotel, patrons of our catering outlets, team members or individuals rendering a delivery / service are allowed inside the property.

It is imperative that all read and understand the guidelines available at the property to ensure that they are respected.

Catering Outlets – The Creek / Seashore / The View

All our tables and chairs have been positioned to allow social distancing.  Currently outdoor facilities enjoy a 2 meter distance and indoor facilities enjoy a 3 meter distance.

The buffet is unavailable during this period in time, and all patrons will be served at their table.  This will not limit the choice that will be made available to patrons.

All entrances / exits of our outlets have been equipped with the necessary signage and sanitizers.

These areas are being sanitized and disinfected regularly and in particular after each use.

Only single condiments will be made available, which will be discarded after being provided to a patron.

Extended service hours have been introduced in order to spread the number of people present at the same time.

All cutlery, crockery and glassware are being washed and disinfected in a dishwasher which temperature exceeds 60°c.

Guest Rooms

All rooms have been cleared leaving the basic and necessary items only.

Products which are made available for usage by the guest are single use products and will be disposed of once the room is vacated.

Each guest room will be left vacant for an undetermined period of time following a departure.

Once rooms have been serviced, no member of staff will be allowed entry unless required.  In such a case, the room will be re-serviced and sanitized.

Guests have the choice to request daily room service or deny the service however will be nonetheless provided with any linen or towels as required and upon request. 

All room attendants will wear their protective personal equipment, aprons and cover their guest room trolley.  They will also be in possession of the necessary products to sanitize and disinfect the room as required.

Pool Area and Outdoor Terrace (Seasonal)

This area has been limited to 50% of its capacity.

All outdoor tables have been placed 2 meters apart.

Sunbeds are grouped in sets of 2 with 1 umbrella. Each group of sunbeds is maintained 2 meters apart from each other, with only 1 person allowed on each sunbed.

The showers / toilets around the pool are being disinfected and sanitized every hour during service time.

Water testing and treatment is being done daily.

Staff available around the pool, will also be wearing the protective personal equipment.  All tables, chairs, umbrellas and sunbeds will be sanitized and disinfected after each use.

Please refer to the guidelines provided above for catering service.  The same guidelines will be provided on our roof top terrace.


Given the uncertainty insofar as travel plans, the Hotel has introduced a cancellation policy allowing guests to cancel up to 24 hours before their arrival date, unless a non-refundable option is purchased.

Guests may contact our Reservations department on [email protected] should they wish to book direct or wish to obtain rates for the property.

Group bookings are also welcome and specific packages may be offered depending on the accommodation requirements.

General Disclaimer

Whilst the management of the Hotel is striving to provide the best service possible in the safest way, it is to be appreciated that certain services or amenities may be temporary unavailable. 

For updated information, we recommend that all interested guests email us on [email protected] and we will provide you with the necessary information.