Maltese Traditional Sweets for Christmas

All cultures around the world have special food to celebrate different religious traditions. These foods are sometimes intrinsic to the same rituals that form the traditions. In Malta and Gozo, like in many other countries, typical and traditional sweets are an integral part of the celebration of Christmas. Here are some of our favourite.


Imbuljuta – Hot Chestnut

Imbuljuta is the traditional Maltese drink served after Midnight Mass on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It is the perfect recipe for those special nights where you want something hot, spicy and deliciously seasonal.  This drink has that wonderful Christmassy smell to it, with the cloves, cinnamon and chocolate and orange and tangerine rinds as ingredients.  Generally it is served in mugs or small bowls and always piping hot.

th (1)Pudina Tal-Hobz – Bread Pudding

This traditional pudding is just prefect to  keep you warm on chilly winter days. Just make yourself some tea or coffee and grab a piece of warm bread pudding.

th (2)Qaghaq Ta’ L-Ghasel – Honey Rings

Honey Rings is a traditional maltese recipe known as ‘Qaghaq tal-ghasel’ with a crunchy crust and filled with soft and moist treacle.