A unique occasion to visit Filfla

Following the success of the Harbour Cruise organized recently, Heritage Malta will be organizing a cruise to and around the island of Filfla on Sunday 13th July.

The event should entice all those who love Malta for its cultural and natural heritage and its beautiful sea and who are keen for a relaxing yet educational evening.

Filfla evokes wonder and airs of mystery. This small island, 5km off the southern coast of Malta is the result of a geological fault, known as the Maghlaq Fault. This same fault is also responsible for the majestic line of cliffs we find from Benghisa all the way up to Fawwara. Filfla is composed of Upper Coralline Limestone, capping a layer of Blue Clay. The island is continuously changing and shrinking through erosion, as well as through man’s past actions through bombing.

The “Filfla – Geological and Historical Boat Tour”, led by Heritage Malta’s Senior Curator of Natural History, will depart from Sliema ferries and proceed round the south side of the Island, sailing past fishing villages, geological features, fortifications and archaeological sites.

Light refreshments will be served on board. A short stop on the way back, at one of the inlets, will provide ample time for those wishing to have a swim.

Tickets, available on a first come first served basis, can be purchased from all Heritage Malta sites and museums, as well as online from http://shop.heritagemalta.org.