UK children pay no duty

Air Passenger Duty (APD) for children under the age of 12 travelling in economy will be abolished from May 2015. This announcement was made by UK Chancellor George Osborne.

He added that from the following year (2016) APD for children under the age of 16 will also be abolished. He has also promised to cut the highest band of tax on long-haul flights from next year, limiting the levy to £71 per passenger worldwide from 2015.

easyJet claimed that it would “proactively refund passengers who have already bought tickets to fly after April 2015”.

“This is is really good news for families which will provide savings of £13 per child on flights to destinations in the UK and Europe ” commented Carolyn McCall, CEO of easyJet.

APD has risen from just £5 in 1994 to the £71-plus in tax which British holidaymakers will continue to pay for long haul (Band B) destinations even after April 1 2015.